AP Prep Physics
(AP Prep Phys)

 The weighted first-year physics course which is intended to prepare students for college-level study of science and engineering. Students are required to do summer preparatory work. It will also prepare students for *AP Physics C. This course is very rigorous in terms of depth at which content is covered, pace, and mathematical problem solving. First semester topics include kinematics, forces, vectors, circular motion, energy, linear and angular momentum, conversation laws, torque mechanical advantage, gravitation, thermodynamics, and astronomy. Second semester topics include fluids, waves, light, optics, sound, electrostatics, electric currents, and magnetism. Students will participate frequently in the lab activities, making use of data-gathering computer equipment and data-analysis software. Students need to be mature enough to study regularly and get extra help before or after school when necessary. Students will be involved in a project of some sort each semester that will be determined, to some extent, by student interest. Some projects involve creative writing, hands-on building of demos, computer simulations, and presentations. If you’re a motivated student interested in taking a fun, interesting, but very challenging course, then *AP Prep Physics is for you.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Chemistry and concurrent enrollment in *Pre Calculus/Trigonometry