Physics is the science that deals with matter, energy, motion and force. This class will help develop your understanding of your world through the eyes of a physicist. This study of physics will examine a variety of topics in mechanics, to analyze motion in one and two dimensions and develop a method of analyzing situations mathematically. As time allows, we will briefly examine additional topics which may include wave (both light and sound), electricity, and magnetism. We will examine mathematical means of predicting events and using graphs to model outcomes. This class will require fundamental analysis tools learned in chemistry to evaluate the applications of these concepts. You will then enlist your creative nature to apply mathematics to create projects demonstrating your knowledge of the content. While this class does require some general familiarity with geometry and algebra, the focus will be on problem solving. Finally, this class will introduce some extensions of physics into other fields, such as meteorology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and ecology. Through this exposure, you will be exposed to the scope of physics, a very broad content, with connections throughout science. This class will also try to prepare you for the realities of college and assist in developing successful student skills.