Earth and Space
(Earth and Space)

This course will cover all the fascinating disciplines that help us understand the Earth and its place in the universe. The fall semester will extensively cover mostly astronomy, with some meteorology. The spring semester will finish meteorology and move on to cover dynamic geology, oceanography, energy production, and the environmental issues we face in the 21st century. We will build from concepts learned in biology, chemistry, and physics to look at structure and function at a variety of scales: galaxies, solar systems, and planetary. We will be engaged in a variety of projects, labs, and readings to synthesize a scientific understanding of the world around us and beyond. Often times, you will be doing a variety of independent projects and activities along with small group labs. This variety will allow you to express you abilities in ways that suit your learning style, but also develop new skills. This is a challenge for both me and you. I will make efforts to help you learn in ways that help you best, but also allow you to expand your styles. You will be challenged to function independently, set goal, monitor progress, and reflect of your work. Together we will make this a fun and enjoyable class!